Hypnos by Lewis

Simon Lewis on piano, with Calista on violin and Lazarus on cello. (Ivan Kemp) 398026_08

An Ocean Grove family will soon perform Hypnos in their hometown following the neo-classical album’s successful launch in March.

Musician, recording artist and producer Simon Lewis will be joined by daughter Calista, 18, on violin and vocals, and son Lazarus, 15, on cello at the Ocean Grove Uniting Church from 7.30pm on April 13.

Mr Lewis said the family would play music from Hypnos, a relaxing and piano-based album released on March 2.

“It (music) called me, more than me choosing it… and I’ve always been drawn to the way music can help people feel calmer,” he said.

“Hypnos is quite simple in the structure, but there’s enough depth in the textures to make it interesting to listen too, rather than just one thing.”

Calista said she looked forward to the Uniting Church show and that performing with her dad and brother was a “circle of life moment”.

“It (Hypnos) lets you sit with everything and gradually washes that calmness and serenity over you. It’s so nice listening to it and it has a great effect,” she said.

“It’s so nice to be at a level now where I can learn Dad’s music and contribute artistically to how it’s played… and the church is so familiar, they’re like family.”

Lazarus said he grew up listening to classical music and was excited to play music with his family in front of the Ocean Grove community.

“Calista and I thought we’d play quite a lot together, growing up it was a bit harder, but it’s great to be able to do that now 12 years later, it feels surreal,” he said.

“When you’re playing with your family, it’s very different compared to any other ensemble at school or outside of school because you can connect with each other and it’s actually fun.”

Visit simonlewis.com.au to listen to Hypnos or to book tickets for the upcoming show.