Footy umpires training boost

AFL Barwon regional general manager Edward Wilson. (Louisa Jones) 411107_07

AFL Barwon Region has launched a new satellite training facility for umpires in Drysdale.

This development addresses the logistical challenges faced by umpires but also underscores a commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for umpires residing in the Bellarine Peninsula and surrounding suburbs, AFL Barwon said.

The new training venue offers convenience and efficiency for current umpires, who can now benefit from the proximity of a dedicated facility in their local area. By bringing training closer to home, the initiative not only streamlines the logistical aspects of preparation but also fosters a stronger sense of community engagement among umpires and enthusiasts alike.

The placement of the Drysdale satellite venue not only provides options, but also serves as a catalyst for new umpires, talent development and retention. AFL Barwon football participation numbers continue to grow across the region, however with growth requires more umpires to officiate the matches.

“The establishment of this umpiring program is testament to a continued commitment to underpin the growth in umpiring numbers, with programs that support development, recruitment and retention,” AFL Barwon regional general manager Edward Wilson said.

“We’re extremely grateful for the support of this vision from Drysdale and thank all involved for their collective contributions to the implementation of this program”.

Drysdale president Trevor Hume expressed his gratitude for the support to get the satellite venue off the ground.

“Drysdale Hawks are grateful for AFL Barwon’s support of the launch of our umpire academy,” he said.

“It has been two years in the making, having trialled the program last year with huge success. The AFL Barwon satellite umpire training venue offers to support the recruitment and retention of umpires in our region. We would welcome anyone 13 years and older to be involved.”