An eye to the future

THE Committee for Bellarine will hold a community forum this month to give residents a chance to help shape their future.
Committee spokesperson Meredith Telfer said the Bellarine Now and Beyond Forum 2 would help stimulate discussion about the future of the penisula.
“We believe it’s time to take control of our destiny rather than relying on local and state governing bodies to determine what the Bellarine will look like in 2050,” she said.
The meeting is the second of a series created to enable the Bellarine community to work together more cohesively and innovatively.
“We see our role as bridging gaps between townships and exploring options for sustainable economic development that will take us into 2050,” Meredith said.
The forum features guest speakers Dr Jude Walker and Laurence Elms, and begins at 6pm on 12 May at Bellarine Estate.
Tickets are $20 for members, and non-members $35.
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