Road closed after three-car crash


POLICE blocked off a section of Grubb Road on the morning of 5 May, after a three-car collision at the Rhinds Road intersection.
Leading Senior Constable John Dunstan said the crash occurred about 7am.
One car, he said, was stationary and about to turn right into Rhinds Road, when it was clipped from behind by a second car swerving left around it.
The collision pushed the first car into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a third car.
All three cars were extensively damaged in the incident.
“It’s lucky no-one was hurt,” Leading Sen Const Dunstan said.
Police closed the road for an hour and a half, diverting northbound traffic down Rhinds Road and southbound traffic down the Bellarine Highway.
Leading Sen Const Dunstan urged drivers to take caution on the road.
“It’s been a pretty bad year on the roads so far,” he said.