Call for funds for massive footpath project



THE Ocean Grove Community Association is calling for State and Federal funding for what will likely be the town’s largest footpath project ever.
In a 24 March submission to the Greater Geelong City Council, community association president Michael Harbour said the project was a great opportunity to attract State and Federal government money.
“It’s to reduce the burden on residents,” he said.
Mr Harbour is calling on the State and Federal governments to contribute $500,000 each to the $6 million project, to reduce costs for the council and the community.
“It could be implemented as a single project over a five-year program,” he said.
“If tendered and implemented as a single project then we could save costs by having a bulk contact.”
Mr Harbour said the community association would only support Option 3 out of the three options listed in the council’s community survey last month: that all property owners should pay.
Under all three options, the council will pay for 50 per cent of the project.
“The Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) is a community asset and not the sole responsibility of a single street or individual property owners,” he said.
He added this should not include new developments – where developers pay for the paths, and arterial roads – such Grubb Road – which VicRoads should pay for.
After reviewing the council’s proposed PPN Mr Harbour said it “addresses the need for this vital infrastructure”.
“It will enable the Ocean Grove community to be physically connected to the key destinations within and around Ocean Grove,” he said.
“The paths appear to be appropriately located, but may need some fine tuning based on the feedback the council receives.”
Mr Harbour said the project could conceivably commence in July 2017 and be completed by June 2022.
“We are happy to meet with the COGG to discuss our proposals,” he said.

Geelong Council’s City Services acting general manager Vicki Shelton said the council would welcome partnerships with all levels of government to deliver improved infrastructure.