A shed load of support


MEN’S sheds play an important role in maintaining men’s health and promoting healthy ageing by supporting the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of men.
The Ocean Grove and District Men’s Shed has a well-equipped shed at 17 Smithton Grove which is undergoing redevelopment at the moment. While the workshop is usually the initial engager, the social aspects of the shed foster regular participation and ongoing engagement. This leads to the development of positive relationships and a sense of belonging to something that is worthwhile and positive.
Beyondblue emphasises the importance of remaining socially connected throughout one’s life to help reduce one of the known risk factors for becoming depressed. A meaningful social network protects against social isolation and loneliness in later life and the shed assists with this.
The Ocean Grove group is developing a Health Resource Centre with anatomical models, written and digital resources all relating to men’s health issues.
The men share their lives and stories with each other, develop friendships and belong to a group that enriches a strong and diverse community life.
Four major benefits of Men’s Sheds are decreasing social isolation, enhancing self-esteem, increasing access to specific information about health and providing a structure to link the men with the health care system.
The Ocean Grove Shed is particularly grateful to Ed Corless, as it is through his generous support that the shed has been able to develop in Ocean Grove.