Katie crafts an awesome performance

Katie Rowe has been selected to perform at a prestigious drama concert. 164440

Ocean Grover Katie Rowe has been selected to perform at a prestigious drama concert showcasing the best school-age arts talent in Victoria.
From the 1400 students who studied Drama in VCE last year, less than 30 – of which Rowe, a Christian College 2016 graduate, is one – were chosen to perform at the ’VCE Season of Excellence Top Class’ in early March.
Rowe, one the college’s 2016 School Captains, will step onto the stage at the Melbourne Recital Centre to deliver her solo performance about a Japanese ghost who seeks revenge on the husband who betrayed her.
The 19-year-old said she was “ecstatic” but also “overwhelmed” when she found out her audition for the exclusive Top Class had been successful.
“I am really excited to be performing in such an incredible space in front of an audience of 500 people, instead of just three adjudicators,” Rowe said.
The achievement is the result of countless hours of self-critiquing and perfecting.
Katie’s solo performance earned her an A+ and went towards a Drama score of 42 – and overall ATAR score of 92.7.
Complete with authentic costume and make-up, the performance captures the ’Japanese horror style’ and encompasses many conventions of Japanese Theatre.
Christian College VCE Drama teacher Mandy Calderwood said the college was proud of Rowe’s dedication to perfection, and was delighted that her hard work had been recognised by such astute judges.
“Katie has been in my drama class every semester since Year 10 and has demonstrated enormous commitment,” she said.
“Her talent and innate understanding of drama as an art form was evident in the very first solo performance she completed in Year 10 and in the way she has been able to reflect on and evaluate her theatrical experiences ever since.”
Tickets for the concert on 2 March are available to the public and can purchased through the Melbourne Recital Centre.