Create some drama in your life

Owner and director Angela Rogers. (Pictures: Andy Rogers Photography)

Angela Rogers, owner and director of Bellarine Performing Arts (BPA) in Drysdale, has a mission to enrich the lives of young performers and enhance her community by providing vocal training, theatre arts education, film and television training and performance opportunities.

She says that, with a strong drama program like BPA’s, students do more than memorise lines and act.

“They will focus on creative skills and voice development, improvisation and movement – skills that go beyond the stage to general communication,” explains Angela, who’s worked around the world performing. “They work on clarity and expression which are critical factors when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills, both as students and throughout their adult lives.”

She notes that, contrary to what many think, an effective drama program embraces both extroverted and introverted kids.

“Drama programs draw all kids together to share creative ideas. All, not just the confident few, are given the opportunity to share their own ideas and collaborate. Natural leaders learn co-operation and how to listen, and those who prefer the sidelines are encouraged to lead.”

According to Angela, drama instils creativity and helps children to “think outside the box”.

“Drama-related activities nurture spontaneity and help students think on their feet and use their imaginations. They learn empathy and to understand how others feel. They identify emotions and have to express them. Drama also teaches patience and commitment. Children learn through patience and perseverance that they can produce something wonderful. They learn that hard work leads to gratification.”

BPA provides classes, such as acting and musical theatre, for prep to high school-aged kids, as well as vocal training for all ages. Life skills are also taught through the powerful medium of the performing arts. Angela likes to describe it as “Creative Courage for Life”.

About Angela

Originally from the USA, Angela has performed on stage and screen for more than 25 years. She was nominated by the Australian Acting Guild in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category for her work in the Australian premiere of the stage musical, RENT. In the US, she performed in national tours of Cinderella and Evita, and has been in off-Broadway productions. Her many screen projects included a feature role in The Sopranos.


2021 enrolments are now open, with class sizes limited due to COVID – be quick to secure a spot.

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