Pets helping seniors

Dawn and Daisy at the Cherished Pets hub in Ocean Grove.

The benefits of companion pets to the health and wellbeing of senior people are widely understood and supported by scientific research.

Pets facilitate social interaction, encourage physical activity and promote faster recovery from illness, to name but a few.

We are fortunate in Ocean Grove to have a global leader in pets and healthy ageing offering a unique veterinary and pet care service in our community.

“Pets and healthy ageing is a focus of our organisation,” Cherished Pets founder and local veterinarian Dr Alicia Kennedy explains.

“We exist to keep pets healthy and well, so that the human-animal bond can thrive and the wonderful benefits be appreciated by people of all ages.

“We are particularly dedicated to pets of seniors and are active advocates in the ageing space. Pets really do matter and need to be a part of the aged care landscape.

“We often see pets used in the marketing of aged care services because we all know that pets are good for us, and people will prioritise pets when making major life decisions.

“We are here to support aged care organisations, to support their community with their people and their pets through our niche service, and to help create inclusive and coordinated pet-friendly sites, services and facilities”.

Find out more at or visit the Cherished Pets Community Hub at 1/65 Madeley St, Ocean Grove or phone 5255 2453.


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