Dancebourne Arts return

The Potato Shed Season hosts Dancebourne Arts' Five Elements on Sunday July 17. (supplied)

Melbourne-based dance company Dancebourne Arts return to the Potato Shed 2pm Sunday 17 July with their ethereal response to the Five Elements.

Featuring music by Peter Sculthorpe, Claude Debussy, Josh Mitchell, Ludovico Einaudi and Clinton Shorter, Five Elements explores, through classical and contemporary dance, the five great universal elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void.

Each piece is inspired by the characteristics of the particular element.

Earth by the magnitude of gravity; Water connecting ideas of emotion, defensiveness and adaptability; Fire counterpoints forms of passion and energy; Air challenges ideas of willingness and benevolence and Void experiments with concepts of power, spontaneity and creativity.

Each component is created by new and independent choreographers, including Gareth Belling, Luanne Hyson, Kathleen Skipp and Shannon Prickett.

Dancebourne Arts focusses on promoting knowledge and art through classical and contemporary dance. It is a must-see performance from some of Melbourne’s leading dance exponents.

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