Fight is on for place in the finals

Ocean Grove wing defence Claudia Britt attempts to defend her Portarlington opponent. 170864 Pictures: MARK HEENAN MEDIA

The last home game at Ocean Grove for the season provided teams with strong, gusty wind conditions on the court.
Modda were hungry for a win leading into finals and proved too good for Grove Premier Division handling the conditions much easier and taking the convincing win.
Premier Division – Ocean Grove 12 v Modewarre 41
Best Players: O Hobbs, M Badrock, C Parker.
Grove couldn’t hit their strides despite a strong relentless mid court game from Liv Hobbs and great defensive persistence from defenders Meg Badrock and Candice Parker.
Division One – Ocean Grove 24 v Modewarre 27
Best Players: A O’Keefe, M Badrock.
Division Two – Ocean Grove 9 v Modewarre 9
Best Players: R de Kretser, P Birch, E Clark.
Division Three – Ocean Grove 20 v Modewarre 14
Best Players: K Collett, J Sutton, K Carroll.
19U Grade – Ocean Grove 17 v Modewarre 17
Best Players: S Bastiaan, A Gannon, E Simpson.

Grove Premier Division had a hotly contested first three quarters showing both teams fighting for finals positions, however a stronger last quarter from Portarlington saw them get the desperately needed four points.
Premier Division – Ocean Grove 44 v Portarlington 51
Best Players: C Parker, E Howard, O Hobbs.
Elyse Howard stepped up in the goaling lineup with Abbey Middleton remaining a strong target in the circle. Olivia Hobbs continued to provide space and feed into the circle but Port’s hunger for finals saw them step up for the win despite close checking from defender Candice Parker.
Division One – Ocean Grove 51 v Portarlington 20
Best Players: Team effort.
Division Two – Ocean Grove 29 v Portarlington 14
Best Players: E Clark, K Titheridge, K Brilliant.
Division Three – Ocean Grove 45 v Portarlington 8
Best Players: Team effort.
19U Grade – Ocean Grove 20 v Portarlington 25
Best Players: M Giblin, E Simpson, S Bastiaan.