Junior events start up

Ishan Phule

There have been several events happening for juniors in the area over the last couple of weeks, including Western Heights Uniting (WHU) and Drysdale/Point Lonsdale Junior Community Events.

WHU hosted 53 juniors across 12 groups with a round robin format guaranteeing players several matches, grouped on players Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Tuesday was set for four sections of 10 & Under and two 18 & Under, while the six remaining 18 & Under sections battled it out in the heat on Wednesday.

This is the first of four events that WHU plans to host over the year, with the next being in April.

Winners across the two days for this event were:

10&U A: Edward Chen

10&U B: Rishith Reddy Vangala

10&U C: Ayan Zahed

10&U D: Joshua Khoo

18&U A: Ethan Lubcke

18&U B: Annabel King

18&U C: Nathanael Gui

18&U D: Akshat Bat

18&U E: Ishan Phule

18&U F: Mason King

18&U G: Brody Hooten

18&U H: Esther White

The Drysdale/Point Lonsdale event was also the first of a series to be hosted in the Bellarine across the year, with points accumulating with the top four in each section being invited to a Grand Masters Playoff.

On Sunday, the 49 players were split into nine UTR based sections, playing round robin format across three start times. With the varying weather conditions across the day, players did well to adjust their games, with the eventual winners for the sections being:

18&U Green Dot: Jake Pearson

18&U B: Lexi Miller

18&U C: Ethan Smith

18&U D: Mitchell Lowe

18&U E: Axel Potter-Ayres

18&U F: Luca Kara

18&U G: Fletcher Allen

18&U H: Tom Taylor

18&U I: Ethan Lubcke