Hot one day, cold the next

Payton Mason and Elahndra Ilijevski with a tuna. (supplied)

Local fishing this past week has certainty kept us guessing with reports being hot one day then slowing down the next.

Whiting reports have been a prime example of this with Clifton Springs having come through most days, but with a true mixed size of fish on offer. From reports some sessions are keep one and throw one back and constantly sifting through undersized fish and some sessions are belters with mostly all around or over the mid 30s.

Fishing the stronger tides and ideally at an evening with pipis or squid has been working very well. A little bit of burley certainty helps when in this area too.

St Leonards has been quite the popular whiting location with Gone Fishing Charters doing some serious damage on them of late getting the customers on plenty of whiting with most fish around the mid to high 30s with some around the 40s.

Again fishing the stronger moving tides are a crucial part to having great success when chasing these tasty morsels.

There have been a few whispers of XL calamari in the Point Lonsdale Bight – these are just whispers and rumours but well worth poking in there for a look. Charlie and his father ‘Coota’ managed some nice squid in this area recently.

Offshore Barwon Heads has continued to offer some fantastic bluefin tuna fishing with anglers finding good numbers of fish spread right across the coast with most reports coming from the west of Barwon Heads Bluff towards Torquay in 30 to 40 metres of water. Trolling skirted and diving lures have been super effective and when the fish are often sighted cruising on the surface launching poppers into them from range is working super well.

The ever famous and popular Maria Pop Queen is proving its worth in this situation.

Kingfish have been found out on the Pinnacles off Ocean Grove in fine numbers with fish to over 80cm being landed. Dropping live baits and jigs onto the reef has been working well.

Mako sharks have also been in good numbers out the front also with one caught on the weekend going 2.8m in length and weighing 185kg.