Cobras into the swing of the season

Cordy player John Tattersall tries to get his kick away despite being tackled. 193529


Cobras Walter 4.7 (31) def by Ammos Barton 6.10 (46)

Luke Devlin continued his good form in the centre, constantly barging through and getting the ball moving our way with assistance from Josh Hunt on the wing. Awards: Josh Hunt, Finlay Rolfs, Sam Eales.

Cobras Dean 3.6 (24) def Winchelsea Blue 2.4 (16)

All 21 players recorded tackles, setting a team record of 48. After conceding two goals in the first 10 minutes, our kids’ leg speed started to shine through. The dash off half back from Ben Cirillo was fantastic, Tyla Meyer played really well in all positions and Ash Blount led the tackle count with five. Cathal Crammond kick his first goal for the club, with all players, including Ryan Merriman, Ruari Davison, Ben Eales, Mitchell Charleston, Angus Derham, Slater Hatfireld, Tommy Walsh and Hamish Stow, helping hold Winchelsea to one point after quarter time.

Cobras Every 11.8 (74) def Ammos Hickey 0.1 (1)


Cobras Farrell 4.8 (32) def by St Joseph Jumping 6.12 (48)

We played some good footy in the first half, controlling and using the ball well. Joeys took control in the third quarter as our intensity dropped off but we kept at in the even last term. Awards: Sunny Bohnke, Jensen Constable, Lachlan Holmes.

Cobras Moroney 3.1 (19) def by 10.10 (70)

Oscar Kerr andAlex Morgan finished off with a goal each and Koby Carlesso stood up as ruck with some fantastic hit outs. Fantastic effort by Fletcher Ward, who notched up 50 games. Awards: Lenny Honner, Harrison Wilde, Charlie Eales. Golden Fist Award: Jordan Lehmann.

Cobras McManus 5.6 (36) def Geelong West Giants 5.3 (33)


Cobras Jones 1.1 (6) def by Torquay McCartney 4.15 (39)

Congratulations to the two first gamers Charlie Berlyn and Zac Blount. We tried hard all day, however the slippery conditions early made it tough for us after Torquay started well. Awards: Will Wallace, Devlin Mateo, Xavier Monahan and Troy Stibbard.

Cobras O’Keefe 5.6 (36) def Grovedale Knevitt 3.5 (23)

This week at training we practised kicking from full back to drive the ball down the ground, making space and looking for the running player and the boys certainly listened to the coaches. Awards: Archie McCallum, Harvey Connolly and Josh Beardsley.

Cobras Cordy 3.4 (22) def by St Joseph’s Jumping 11.8 (74)

The Cobras matched them in the second half with great tackling and handballing by Emmett Haxby, great contested marking by Ryan Tolley and great running and kicking by Augie Graham and Fletcher Curran-McKew.


Cobras Dalton 5.5 (35) def by South Barwon Armistead 8.3 (51)

Ray Carter and Rohaan Kanyalkar-Thomson (captain) showed rock solid defence in the first quarter, which was continued by Wilkens and Max Kempton in the second term. We powered home the goals in the third with some additional magic from Mason Poirier and Max. Arthur Wynn and Hugh Rolfs displayed strong hands in the final quarter. Awards: Henry Jankowski, Ma Kempton, Luke Snowden, Arthur Wynn

Cobras Durran 1.0 (6) def by St Joseph’s Jets 6.3 (39)

After a slow start in foggy conditions at Collendina Reserve the under-9 Durran team played some great team football against St Joseph’s Jets. Awards: Braxton Burgoyne, Taj Hounslow, Bailey Taylor, Jabez Bellingham.

Cobras Stow 5.3 (33) def by St Joseph’s Leaping 6.6 (42)

Our teamwork was excellent, pinpointing passes and taking strong marks, backed up with desperate tackling. Awards: Xander Hateley, Jude de Jong, William Fenwick and Liam Dixon.

Cobras Norquay 3.6 (24) def by Grovedale Gemmill

It was a great contest and both teams played with 100 per cent effort all day with conditions perfect for footy. Awards: River Wright, Ashton Dawkins, Ollie Warren.

Cobras Allan 1.3 (9) defeated by St Joseph’s Flying 6.6 (42)

Allan welcomed another into the fold this week with Charlie Kopec Teague joining the team for our first home game. We displayed impressive tackling in the second quarter against bigger players, with Riley Stephens earning the title Mr Courageous. Our boys looked very different in the third term, when we scored our only goal. Awards: Lachlan Johnson, Thomas Lamb, Charlie Kopec-Teague.

Cobras Taylor 3.4 (22) def by St Mary’s Collins 7.2 (44)

Our boys tried hard but ran out of legs in the last quarter. A great goal of the year to Teddy McCartney and also goals to Kieran Houlston and Grayson Hyde. Awards: Finn Wallaces (captain), Chance Hanan, Mitch Warren.


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