Cobras get full round in before lockdown

Action from the Cobras Moroney vs St Mary''s game. (all pictures Justin Flynn) 212393


Cobras Durran 8.8 (56) def Cobras Allan 4.4 (28) at Memorial Reserve

It was a terrific game as the ball moved back and forth between the forward lines.

Durran was buzzing after its confidence-boosting win the previous week and every player took their game to a new level.

Allan awards: Arie Strode, Ollie Cooper, Liam Murphy, Jed Burchell.

Durran goals: Finlay Macrae (3), Kieran Houlston (2), Harvey Martinelli, Chad Cook, Louis Belsar-Lebel.

Cobras Stow 8.4 (52) def Cobras Dalton 5.4 (34) at Memorial Reserve

Cobras teams Dalton and Stow proved to be evenly matched in this clash. Grainger Phipps scored the first goal for Dalton with Jasper applying good pressure in the middle and Orlando, Jude, Arthur, Hugh and Flynn all contributing. The team’s namesake Martin Dalton ralied the boys at half time, but Stow ran away with it in the last.

Dalton best: Orlando Cann, Harry Dooling, Jasper Lindsay, Grainger Phipps, Frankie Scott, Harry Stubs.

Cobras Norquay 11.5 (71) def Cobras Taylor 3.2 (20) at Memorial Reserve

Masked spectators watched Norquay take some early goals to streak ahead against their fellow Cobras side. Taylor fought back valiantly in the last term but Norquay triumphed with its first win of the season.

Awards: Balin Evans, Finn Briggs, Tyler Drayton.


Cobras Jones 1.4 (10) def by Grovedale Schulze 5.3 (33) at Collendina Reserve

The Jones boys showed great teamwork and desperation around the footy against Grovedale. Captains Patty McCaffrey and Charlie Malpas put on a show and every player had their teammates’ backs. Awards: Leonard Reid, Willem Van Uijtert, Charlie Malpas, Max Robinson.

Cobras Cordy 7.10 (52) def St Mary’s Smith 4.1 (25) at Collendina Reserve

Cordy treated this match like its grand final and gave St Mary’s two players each quarter to maximise game time. Finn Wallace and Lucas Dixon were standouts in the first quarter, but the first goals came in the second term via Sonni Andrews and Ry Wilson. Aston Greenfield put on a show in the third and Lucas Dixon scored to create a good lead. Awards: Lucas Dixon, Riley Norton, Kai Russell.

Cobras O’Keefe 8.6 (54) def Bell Park 7.2 (44) at Hamlyn Park

What a battle it was against a strong Bell Park team in the last game for the year.

The lead swayed back and forth until the end, with the sleek Cobras kicking three late goals to get home by 10 points. The ability for all players to lift at the right time was exceptional. Jaxon Garrard’s four goals were quality. Awards: Jedah Zurawel, Harry Farrell, Alister Hill, Archie Heenan, Charlie Kopec-Teague, Nate Donovan.


Cobras McManus 4.5 (29) def by Ammos Cramp at 11.7 (73) at Collendina Reserve

Both teams were hard at the ball in the first quarter and the boys held up well, but the tall, attacking Ammos kicked away before half time. The Cobras had plenty of the play, handballed off and pushed forward and tried right to the end. Goals: Ned Allen, Will Anderson, Archie McCallum, Ben Mifsud.

Awards: Will Anderson, Augie Graham, Archie McCallum, Mason McKnight

Cobras Farrell 11.9 (75) def Modewarre 5.2 (32) at Community Bank Oval

Farrell was rewarded for its hard work at training, with some nice passages of play where the boys ran into space. The urgency to play on showed and the tackling was good. Baxter Greenfield kicked five goals. Awards: Bradley Bennett, Billy, Joshua Beardsley, Baxter Bennett.

Cobras Moroney 6.3 (39) def by St Mary’s Bath 13.9 (87) at Collendina Reserve

Moroney kicked its highest score for the season but unfortunately wasn’t able to overcome St Mary’s, despite outscoring its opponent during a strong third term. Five individuals shared the goals, including Jai Petrovics and Hunter Phipps. Awards: Sonni Andrews, Hunter Phipps, Xavier Johnson, Cam Sparks.


Cobras Burchell 3.6 (24) def Newcomb Maroon 0.1 (1) at Collendina Reserve

Cobras McEvoy 9.14 (68) def Ammos Ford 0.0 (0) at Collendina Reserve


Division 1

Cobras Walter 5.9 (39) def St Joseph’s Black 5.5 (35) at Memorial Reserve

The match was tight and contested early, with pressure applied from both sides, in this cracking season opener. It was Joey’s strong marking again the run and carry of the Cobras and neither team could get an advantage early. But the boys managed to chip away in the final quarter.

Division 3

Cobras Pearson 11.11 (77) def Anglesea 4.2 (26) at Memorial Reserve

Pearson landed itself in Division 3 after the first two grading games and the team acquitted itself well. These guys are fit, fast and skilful. Monty Mason and Alex Morgan led by example in the middle and there were contributors all over the ground, including Jono Punchard, Jackson De Jong, Balin Ashton, Charlie Eales and Harrison Wilde.

Division 7

Cobras Every 3.8 (26) def by Surf Coast Lightning Suns 5.8 (38) at Memorial Reserve

Kai Dickson who played his 50th game for the Cobras. His effort and attitude reflected that of the team which once again had a real crack and was overrun right at the end. Dane Hodgson, Toby Hallam, Koby Carlesso and Sean Stewart provided good run and carry and Zac Casamento dominated up forward.

Other contributors were Finbar Crapp, Jonah Van Uijtert, Angus O’Keefe and Jack Vose.

Cobras Dean 17.19 (121) def Lara Fogarty 0.2 (2) at Lara Recreation Reserve

Koby Millar-Burton had his first game for the season and his pace and kicking were an asset. Jensen Constable contributed on the scoreboard with three goals, while Mitch Charleston played well in the last line of defence. Alby Arto, Tyla Meyer, Henry Belsar-LeBel and Henry White added to the highlights.


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