The long and short of it all

Patsy Toop and David Baird form The Long and Short of It.

By Justin Flynn

With six albums under their belts, country music duo Patsy Toop and David Baird know what it takes to entertain a crowd.

Together they form The Long and Short of It, an award-winning country/folk/rock mix that just seems to work.

Patsy discovered David’s talents at a charity gig and was in awe.

“I was on the sausage sizzle outside and cooking sausages and I heard this amazing voice and guitar,” she says.

“I stood there and was gobsmacked.

“He had his eyes closed because he was so nervous and I just heard this most powerful and beautiful voice.”

David held back on ‘outing’ himself as a performer for years by playing guitar and singing by himself.

It took a visit to Williamstown vocal coach Steven Zammit to realise his potential.

The pair has now been have been writing and recording songs for a decade.

“We have this fusion of folk and country but with the energy of rock,” Patsy says.

“We have a good harmony and when we hit that sweet spot, there’s almost a ghost harmony.”

Patsy stands at around 180cm tall while David is a diminutive 150cm “with boots on”, says Patsy, hence the name The Long of Short of It.

Saturday night’s gig at Ocean Grove Piping Hot Chicken & Burger Grill is the band’s first at the venue.

“We’re really looking forward to it and we’ve heard it quite an iconic venue,” Patsy says.

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