When fun becomes a habit


CENTERSTAGE Geelong understands the importance of nurturing new talent in the theatre industry to ensure the future of tomorrow.
It was this simple vision that has spawned the cabaret season annually.
“We believe in fresh and dynamic talent … it is the key to success,” CenterStage president David Greenwood said.
As a young entrepreneur aged 26, David realised the importance of nurturing fresh talent.
“It’s a hard industry to crack. You just need one company to take a risk on new talent,” he said.
He remembers how hard it was to enter the Geelong Arts Community and had to make the risky step of launching his own Theatre Company at the age of 20, due to that reason. With major success as the company has thrown the industry on its head, he now offers (along with the support of his executive team of volunteers) a new talent mentorship program.
November is all about Nunsense.
From first-time producers, directors, stage managers, lighting designs, sound designers and even debut performer – practically the entire team is full of first timers.
CenterStage Geelong has spent 13 weeks of mentorship as they commence their short season of one of Broadway’s most successful comedies.
“We are so lucky to have people like CenterStage support us,” debut co-producer Brett Wallis said.
As someone who has had difficulties reading and writing, CenterStage has ensured Brett and his team gained the necessary skills to develop their role and bring new ideas to CenterStage.
“It’s not just our production team that learns new things. Every day they are teaching me and my team better workplace practices,” Mr Greenwood said.
For the past 13 weeks, the team has created a hilariously funny comedy which will have Geelong laughing and aching, from smiling to hard laughs. Nunsense tells us the story of five nuns and a priest running a ‘mock’ fund-raiser in order to raise money to bury a selection of nuns (who they accidently killed due to some foul cooking).
Unfortunately the money that was set aside originally was squandered by Mother Superior on her new DVD player and flat screen television.
Nunsense is Onstage from 28 October to 12 November at Warehouse26 – Geelong’s newest theatre. With tickets available at www.centerstage.com.au
CenterStage Geelong is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of more than 50 volunteers, and has produced shows including Singin’ In The Rain, Evita, The Adaams Family, The Wedding Singer and numerous others.