Good fishing off local shores

Marcus Sedgman with a bluefin tuna caught off Barwon Heads. (Supplied)

Peri Stavropoulos

The talk of the local fisherman over the past few weeks has definitely been the pelagic fishing off Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove with tuna, kingfish, makos and even some thresher sharks all in fantastic numbers.

The tuna have been holding in a variety of depths but anywhere between 25 to 50 metres is worth starting.

Anglers trolling small skirted lures have been having good success but by far the most effective method is to approach the schools quietly and cast lures into the schools of fish on the surface.

Small floating and sinking stick baits have been working well, in particular the Nomad Riptide 125 and 155.

The latest hotspot for the tuna has been inside the rip. The alert literally came in as this was being typed out.

Kingfish have been holding in the same areas as the tuna and mainly just cruising under the surface of below the schools of monster salmon.

Most fish have been ranging between 60cm to 80cm with the odd bigger fish getting around also.

Mako sharks have been reported to be in big numbers local at the moment with lots of boats sighting, catching or having fish snatched by them.

Would be well worth looking for one out in the deeper water off Barwon Heads and setting out a burley trail.

Snapper still continue to bite very well offshore too with reports of large numbers of fish being caught to 5kg, drifting the 50m line with fresh squid has been a lethal tactic to put a few on the boat.

Queenscliff through to St Leonards has still been holding great numbers of calamari and King George whiting for the anglers staying inside the bay as well as garfish and some monster flathead.

The whiting have been biting best during the tide and when the water is moving its fastest with pipis and squid being the best baits.

Garfish have been in good numbers from inside Swan Bay right through to St Leonards, well worth throwing out some squid jigs when chasing the gars too.

The Geelong Waterfront is still offering some great fishing for the holidays and with heaps of safe fishing platforms it’s a great spot to take the kids.

Pinkie snapper, flathead, salmon and pike have all been in good numbers.

Bait fishing with blue bait and squid has been working well and so too has soft plastics.