Micro Groms tear it up

The judges get ready. 166624

The second SOUL comp was held on Saturday 18 March.
An Indian summer arrived for the weekend and produced an absolutely cracker of a day.
With a beautiful sunrise climbing over the horizon all one needed was some sunscreen and boardies.
There were good numbers in all divisions.
Keen to take advantage of the sun and warm water, several members contested in multiple divisions keeping everyone on their toes.
Although the waves were small there was some great longboarding on display once again.
A special mention to the Micro Groms who were tearing it up on the waves.
To encourage participation and a fun atmosphere, Micro Groms are not judged, but they were certainly providing the judges with glimpses of some great surfing.
Micro Groms can ride any size surfboard – parent assist is welcomed.
The third comp was held Saturday 8 April.
It is not too late to join the club for the 2017 season. The SOUL club is a great family club that encourages and welcomes individuals and families at any level of longboard surfing.
Whether you are new to the area or have been here a while, why not come on down to the next comp day and see what they’re all about.
Queries to president Paul Fletcher on 0477 477 841 or secretary Helen Jacob on 0425 778 245.
Results for comp two on 18 March:
1. Billie Cook; 2. Yasmin Garmonsway; 3. Josh Wall; 4. Piper Needham.
Over 40s
1. Dean Cook; 2. Matty Wright; 3. Phil Dunn; 4. Simon Johnson.
Over 50s
1. Greg Vick; 2. John Mercer; 3. Mick Armstrong; 4. Paul Fletcher.
Over 60s
1. Gus Angleton; 2. Nev Forster; 3. Herbie Jercher.
Open Men
1. Dean Cook; 2. John Mercer; 3. Jamie Wall; 4. Simon Johnson.
Open Women
1. Mel Renton-Wright; 2. Lou McSween; 3. Yasmin Garmonsway.
1. Phil Dunn; 2. Matty Wright; 3. Tama Pihana; 4. Nev Forster; 5. Gus Angleton; 6. Mark Graham.