Full round of games for the Cobras

Zac Casamento tries to get around a tackle. Pictures: Mark Heenan Media 195002


Division 1

Cobras Walter 0.1 (1) def by Torquay Watson 14.11 (95)

Division 4

Cobras Pearson 1.10 (16) def by St Albans Grinter 6.5 (41)

Division 7

Cobras Every 1.0 (6) def by Bell Post Hill 15.12 (102)

Division 8

Cobras Dean 0.1 (1) def by Thomson 7.12 (54)

A spirited Dean went down to Thomson in a tough game. The team battled hard all day and displayed some great team football when it used its run and spread across the ground. Both the team and individual players continue to improve each week. Awards: Max Connell, Ruari Davison, Xavier Morgan, Ben Eales, Fletcher Ward.


Cobras Moroney v St Mary’s Smith

The boys love the wet and muddy conditions but it was a tough slog with few opportunities to score. A willingness to be first at the ball was a highlight this week. Looking forward to the back end of the season to see the boys’ skill development. Awards: Arthur White, Koby Carlesso, Zac Casamento, Alex Morgan, Fletcher Ward. Golden Fist: Jonah Reid.

Cobras Farrell 10.8 (68) def St Joseph’s Leaping 5.8 (38)

This was a terrific game from our boys in trying conditions against quality opposition. We attacked the ball well, were generally first to the footy and kicked well to players leading into space, particularly into the breeze. Awards: Darcy Harrington, Will Downie, Ned Badrock, Max Howell.

Cobras McManus 11.16 (82) def St Mary’s Bath 3.2 (20)


Cobras O’Keefe 1.2 (8) def by Torquay Ashley 9.5 (59)

Visiting Torquay Ashley played extremely well and proved too strong for us on this wet and slippery day. Our boys continue to practise their skills and playing well as a team.

Awards: Ned Allen, Zac Dodson, Bill Grace (captain), Archie McCallum.

Cobras Cordy 3.1 (19) def by Torquay Voss 9.7 (61)

Cobras Jones 1.1 (7) def by Barwon Heads Gulls 10.9 (69)


Cobras Stow 4.4 (28) def by Leopold Bews 5.12 (42)

Cobras Stow battled hard in a tight contest but was eventually overrun in the last quarter. Trying to win the contested ball was the norm for the match with our smaller players. It’s been a great year so far with lots of improvement.

Awards: Jedah Zurawel, Harry Farrell, Archie Heenan, William Fenwick, Chad Cook.

Cobras Norquay 10.6 (66) def Lara Kol 4.4 (28)

Rain belted down for most of the game but that didn’t stop the Cobras’ endeavour. The ball was on the ground for most of the match but the players’ fantastic skills and brilliant teamwork kept them going. Awards: Gus Montgomery (captain), James Carty, Lewis Due, Brodie Edmond.

Cobras Durran 3.3 (21) def by Drysdale Trewhella 7.6 (48)

The wind and rain didn’t stop Cobras Durran trying its hardest in tough conditions. There were some great passages of play, resulting in goals, however Drysdale was too good on the day. Awards: Jabez Bellingham,

Braxton Burgoyne, Connor Parry, Harry Lindsay.

Cobras Allan 4.6 (30) def by Ammos Surkitt 6.8 (44)

An excellent display of teamwork was on show as the boys shared the ball around. The assisted play saw some great goals from Hayden Campbell, John Bowring, Austin Rose and Owen Gallagher. Awards: Austin Rose, Leonard Ried, Jack Gurrie.

Cobras Dalton 2.3 (15) def by South Barwon Armistead 9.4 (58)

Captains Arthur Hardwick and Leonard Makowski won the toss and chose to kick with the strong northerly wind. Unfortunately, we did not capitalise on the wind, but Armistead did in the second quarter, kicking six goals. The boys did a lot better in the second half with goals to Rohaan Kanyalk-Thomson and Finlay Macrae. Arthur Hardwick, Mason Poirier, Max Robinson and Henry Jankowski showed great efforts around the ball. Awards:  Arthur Hardwick, Henry Jankowski, Arthur Wynn, Leonard Cole.

Cobras Taylor 2.3 (15) def by Bell Park Finnemore 5.7 (37) 

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