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Queenscliff author Jed Hart. (Photo supplied)

Justin Flynn

Queenscliff author Jed Hart has released his escapism fiction novel Without Warning.

The book is based on his Vietnam tour and consequent business life around the world.

This high-powered tale follows Australian protagonist, Jake Hunt, a good-looking, witty, straight-shooting guy who works as an aviation adviser to a global oil company.

Jake has finished with war until terrorists kidnap his boss’ wife, and a routine work assignment fragments.

In the backdrop, a love story develops between Jake Hunt and his co-worker, Nicole Roswell.

But her ideas of right and wrong are tested to the limit when she realises that her charming and thoughtful man is an incorrigible risk taker.

When Jake reverts to his military training, the trauma of his wartime experience returns.

Then all hell breaks loose when the terrorists attack the sultanate seeking power and revenge, and those involved must act to protect themselves and the ones they love.

“It was quite easy to write a story that revolves around a Vietnam Vet and the issues that he would have to face after seeing so much violence and chaos in war zones,” Jed says.

Jed flew choppers with the US Army in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War, operated helicopters to mountains in New Guinea, spent a stint as Shell’s Peru-based security manager and worked in Brunei and London.

“For me, writing the book has been cathartic. A lot of the journey that Jake Hunt takes, my comrades in arms and I have travelled,” he says.

“Some of my friends are men who became hardened by combat and have never been entirely comfortable in a peacetime world.”

Without Warning is available to purchase now, including at Bookgrove in Ocean Grove.

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