A wave of support

The Mphatso Children''s Foundation teams engaged with the community, helping out with programs, playing with the kids and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The Wave Church in Ocean Grove recently sent two mission trips to Mphatso Children’s Foundation in Malawi.

Mphatso founder and Ocean Grove local Robyn Casey took a team of volunteers to Malawi and after landing at Lilongwe, were whisked off for a six-hour drive to Mkuonda village.

The team went to Malawi to experience the work of MCF and start the construction of the AP Education Centre and from day one was straight into it.

Some of the highlights:

Arriving at MCF in Mkuonda Village and being blow away by the surroundings and the welcome from the local kids.

Working with Fortune, Blessing, Kennedy and others to construct the main building, the Chimboozi (composting toilet) and cooking area at the site of the AP Education Centre.

Having the opportunity to speak to the Positive Living Women’s group and listen to them sing.

Going into Kande to experience the sights, sounds and smells of market day.

Participate in the baby feeding program and nursery schools and see the life-changing impact that these programs have.

Joining the MCF women’s ministry team visiting and providing gifts to local families in need.

For more information on Mphatso, to donate or to volunteer, see www.mphatso.org/.


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