A memento of younger days

Jarryn Dower and Daniel Rozycki. (Justin Flynn) 203678_01

By Justin Flynn

By Justin Flynn

After surviving bowel cancer, Daniel Rozycki wanted a lifelong memory from his days as a young man surfing the waves at Ocean Grove.

Mr Rozycki, 60, grew up in Ballarat but found comfort on the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula where he spent years forming friendships and memories.

“Unfortunately I got sick about 18 months ago with bowel cancer,” he said.

“I’m living proof of do the test and you get a second chance otherwise I’d be pushing up daisies.”

Mr Rozycki’s idea for a memento from his time spent surfing at Ocean Grove gained momentum after seeing some of Jarryn Dower’s artworks at a local market.

Mr Dower, 27, is a talented local artist and commissions personalised artworks on surfboards and other items.

So Mr Rozycki decided to collaborate with him to create his own unique board.

The end result is a stunning piece that also includes a mysterious set of dentures.

A friend of Mr Rozycki’s passed away in October last year and lost a set of dentures at the main beach 40 years ago.

“He knew before he died that the teeth were going to be on there,” he said.

It takes Mr Dower months to customise a board with his stippling style, which is a series of dots to form the painting.

“I’d hate to guess how many there are but I’d estimate there’s at least a million dots on a surfboard in the creation of it,” he said.

“I started drawing on surfboards as a hobby between uni assignments. Everyone loved it so I kept going at it and turned it into a small business.

“From a young age I’ve always drawn. it’s something I’ve been good at so I’ve followed that path.

“In school everyone was saying ‘you’re a really good drawer’ and then as time goes on I’ve put more effort into it and developed it further and now I’m getting paid to do it.”

Mr Rozycki said he was a fan of Mr Dower’s work.

“I like his work and was going to buy one the existing boards he had but he said ‘I can do what you want’,” he said.

“When I saw his work I thought ‘wow I’ve never seen anything like it’.”

Mr Dower, who also has a part-time job, hopes to eventually make a living from his art.

“I live off it but have a part-time job as well but eventually it would be good to turn it into something full time and focus on that,” he said.

“When I finish one I’m always keen to get stuck into a new one whether it’s for a client or my own collection which I then sell.”

To see Mr Dower’s artwork, visit: www.jarryndowerart.com.

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