A world under the waves

Sydney artist Catherin Bennett. (Supplied)

A free Bellarine art exhibition will shine a light on the fragility and beauty of oceanic life through an immersive showcase.

The Hat Rock Contemporary Gallery will host the Under the Sea: A Celebration of Oceanic Life exhibition from 11am to 5pm on Wednesdays to Sundays from July 5 to 28.

The solo exhibition will feature individual pieces and a five-metre-wide by close to three-metre-high wall of 21 unique panels by Sydney artist Catherin Bennett.

“This newly released body of work, developed over the past year, celebrates the fragility and beauty of oceanic life,” Ms Bennett said.

“Through it, I aim to inspire a sense of urgency to protect and preserve our oceans’ stunning ecosystems from threats such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change.

“We often forget how fragile our oceans are and how our actions impact them. We are reliant on them being healthy and this makes our protection efforts all the more urgent.”

Ms Bennett said the artworks were “designed to give people an immersive experience” and transport visitors into the “mesmerising world beneath the waves”.

“I’m very excited to see how visitors will feel and react to the incredible colours and movement in each piece,” she said.

“Some will draw them in to look closely, and others will absorb them and maybe feel insignificant, much like the ocean makes us feel.

“Using flowing, layered, translucent materials and vibrant colours, I depict the myriad creatures of the sea, capturing their ethereal beauty and the delicate balance that sustains their existence.”