Film for a good cause

Lauren Pettigrove, Sarah Remyn, Anthea Griffiths and Olivia Darbyshire.

By Justin Flynn

A group of Ocean Grove parents concerned about the potential effects of climate change raised about $700 for the NSW and Queensland bushfires,

Anthea Griffiths said the group was “experiencing lots of anxiety” about climate change and hosted an evening to screen the film 2040, which was released earlier this year.

Ms Griffiths was one of the guest speakers, along with Karen Weaver (100 % Clean Bellarine) and Vicky Perrett (Sustainability Victoria president).

Other event organisers were Olivia Darbyshire, Lauren Pettigrove and Sarah Remyn.

“We were experiencing lots of anxiety around our current climate crisis, the impact on children’s futures and the lack of action by our government,” Ms Griffiths said.

“After seeing the film, it left us feeling inspired and hopeful for what our children’s future could look like if we make changes and take action now.”

Ms Griffiths said the film explored the best solutions, available to humankind now, that would help improve the health of the planet, and discovers how people all over the world are taking matters into their own hands.

“We wanted as many people in the community to see the film so we decided to purchase a license for the film and host a screening,” she said.

“Doing this has also allowed us to make connections in the community and seeing all the wonderful things others people are doing.”

Karen Weaver from 100 % Clean Bellarine spoke and believes the most important part of a transition to a renewable energy future is that people feel they can be engaged.

“So, as a local group, that’s what we want to do at 100% Clean Bellarine,” she said.


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