Grovers pitch for change

A group of Ocean Grove parents attended the climate change protest in Geelong.

A group of Ocean Grove parents are concerned that the impacts of climate change will affect their children.

Local parents Suzie Brown, Victoria Byrne and Carla Pascoe Leahy attended the climate strike rally in Geelong on Friday 20 and are all founders or members of national group Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA).

“Teenage school students started these strikes last year as they fear for their own safety in the face of rapidly escalating climate change,” mother of a six-year and co-founder of Australian Parents for Climate Action Suzie Brown said.

“We parents all have young children who are too young to understand the climate crisis so we need to stand up for their safe future on their behalf. Joining the climate strike is one way we can do this.”

“Most Australian parents are deeply worried about the future their children face due to global warming but, until we speak up and tell politicians we want emergency action, this issue will continue to be pushed under the carpet,” mother of four- and six-year old daughters Carla Pascoe Leahy said.

A group of concerned mothers formed Australian Parents for Climate Action in January and already has over 3000 members and supporters who are parents, guardians or grandparents.

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