The closest thing to PT, without the price tag

Meg, Jacob and Stephanie. (Supplied)

Get ready Ocean Grovers because the fabulous town is about to get a fitness training studio that will have everyone talking. Why? Because Body Fit Training (BFT), set to launch early March, uses techniques, proven by science, that reduce fat and create lean muscle – but that’s just the start.

The trio who owns and operates the studio could hardly be described as “average”.

There’s Meg Hutchins, a former AFLW Collingwood player, an elite rower, and a personal trainer. Then there’s Stephanie Carroll, a former VFLW Hawthorn player and a physiotherapist for 12 years.

Stephanie’s brother, Jacob Carroll, is an elite-level sports scientist and was studio manager at BFT in Melbourne, the place where the boffin, athletes and health/fitness nuts got together and first formulated plans for their own studio right here.

Having been immersed themselves in the BFT techniques (Australia’s newest and most advanced group training methodology) and seen the results, they knew they were onto a proven winner. The other thing they all agreed on was that their business was to be intensely people focused.

About BFT

With a variety of 50-minute training sessions, overseen by qualified and experienced coaches, BFT offers the closest thing to personal training in a group setting – without the PT price tag.

Providing the ultimate flexibility, seven sessions are spread across the day: 5.15am; 6.15am; 7.15am; 9.20am; 12pm; 5.30pm; and 6.30pm – with others possibly added as demand increases.

Jacob says they believe in making access to exercise easy, as well as being fun.

“That’s why a membership, with no lock-in contract, will provide unlimited access to all BFT studios across the globe, meaning never having to miss a training session.

“No matter your age, ability or any other variable, we want everyone to enjoy their hour a day with the BFT community, feel at home and work hard to achieve their results with like-minded people,” says Jacob. “We have members aged from 19 to 65 years old at the moment.

“We take a holistic approach to movement and long-term sustainable health goals. This is where Steph’s physiotherapy background comes in handy, having already completed assessments on members with niggles and injuries, to get them rehabbed prior to launch.”

BFT coaches

“Our coaches are the lifeblood of our community and will be in charge of guiding members to their full potential.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the team we have carefully selected, and some of these names locals may even know already: Prue Harvey, Kristie-Lee Drake, Olivia Purcell and Ella Squires.”

Foundation memberships

“Potential members have one last opportunity to secure a foundation membership. These offer incredible savings on a standard membership that’s already great value. If you’d like to find out more about a foundation membership rate and the added bonuses, make sure you get in touch before we open!”

Body Fit Training, 6/2-5 Sykes Place, Ocean Grove. Opens 5am-8pm Monday-Friday; and 6am-noon Saturday. Inquiries: 0491 644 889 or