Playing to his strengths

Carus Thompson. 163963

By Justin Flynn

Australian songwriter and accomplished storyteller Carus Thompson can’t wait to be in Ocean Grove again.
Thompson has announced the release of his first record in more than five years ahead of his upcoming gig at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill and he couldn’t be more excited.
“It’s one of those venues that you’ll see more and more that are a bit smaller but have an intimate atmosphere,” Thompson said.
“It’s the first time at the Chicken Shop with my full band. It’s a special place to me.”
The album – ‘Island’ hits the shelves on 3 February and Thompson is certain to pack out the chook shop when he returns to the iconic venue on 25 February.
Billed as an Australian Springsteen or Mellencamp telling engaging and intelligent stories through song is what Thompson does best, and on his eagerly awaited follow up to 2011’s ‘Caravan’, the Fremantle-based troubadour digs even deeper into the Australian psyche.
“I wanted to write an album that said a bit about Australia and how I feel about it politically and culturally,” he said.
“There’s stuff that soft and tender and thought provoking.”
Thompson said his five-year hiatus from recording was put down to one reason – “children”.
The birth of his young son and daughter took up much of his spare time, but he promises his new album was worth the wait.
He loves coming to Victoria.
“It’s the cultural history in Victoria that gets me,” he said.
“The people there have been enjoying original music for many years and they don’t yell out ‘where are the covers’ which allows you to really connect with them.”
His upcoming gig at the chicken shop is sure to sell out and those who do score tickets will be in for a treat.
“A show is about energy and creating it between yourself and the audience – it’s also about dynamics,” he said.
“People can’t dance for two full hours, but there will be plenty of stuff to dance to.”
Tickets are available at the chook shop or at love playing at the Chicken Shop.

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