Song secrets revealed

Charm of Finches will join Delsinki's Sing a Song of Sixpence at the Potato Shed. (supplied)

Love music? Want to experience the way gifted Australian musicians create and make a song their own?

Then be sure to head to the Potato Shed at 2pm Sunday February 6 when Melbourne-based Delsinki presents Sing a Song of Sixpence – Songwriters in the Round; breaking down the walls and revealing the alchemy and secrets behind the song crafting process.

Songs are magical things: some fall suddenly from the ether; others are a slow labour of love. Universally however, they’re inspired from personal experiences and observations of life.

Sing a Song of Sixpence brings the tradition of a writer’s round to regional audiences, with artists sharing the bare bones of their songs and the stories behind them in an intimate setting.

In a crippling time for musicians, it is a way to help inject life back into the industry and bring some of Australia’s finest musicians to the region.

The Potato Shed round will feature Delsinki (Row Jerry Crow), Wayne Jury (Blues Boot Camp facilitator, singer-songwriter), Mick Thomas (Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission) and Charm of Finches, accompanied by John Kendall (Row Jerry Crow).