City meets country in ripper yarn


THERE’S more to land than real estate. There’s more to family than DNA.
Boy out of the Country is a unique drama written in Australian poetic vernacular reminiscent of Banjo Paterson.
It tunes in to the rhythms of the country to examine relationships and uncover the landscape. It is a play where an old Australia meets a new Australia: where a country cop comes to terms with catchment areas, where a fifth bedroom is more important than a backyard, and where new technologies have the potential to uncover old family secrets.
Featuring a great Australian cast, Jane Clifton, Matt Dyktynski, Amanda La Bonte, Christopher Bunworth and Martin Blum with a musical score composed and performed live by Bang Mango Cools.
The story features a family property, worthless for generations, is suddenly zoned as part of a regional housing estate to accommodate an ever-increasing urban sprawl. At this moment of shifting economies and loyalties, Hunter returns from a seven-year absence.
Finding his boyhood house boarded up and his mother in a retirement home, Hunter goes in search of answers. And he starts with his brother Gordon.
The Age said: “A play infused with the vitality of Aussie idiom and melodrama that crackles with understatement and wit”, and Australian Stage said: “The story develops like a watercolour painting, adding depth and colour in subtle layers that slowly reveal a more intricate picture in a wholly gratifying way. It is sharp, canny and astute, but it is also very funny”.
There are three shows scheduled for the Potato Shed in Drysdale: 12 May at 8pm and 13 May at 1pm and 8pm. Tickets from customer service at

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