Hornets back to rock the shop

The Hornets are coming to the Chook Shop.

The Hornets are back in Ocean Grove this Saturday October 19 at Ocean Grove’s Piping Hot Chicken & Burger Grill for yet another night of roof raising mayhem.

They’ll be playing songs from their six album back catalogue, now available on bandcamp… thehornets1.bandcamp.com plus previewing songs from their new, soon to be released vinyl EP, so stay tuned

It’s the full five piece band, ARIA Hall of famer Jeff Burstin (Black Sorrows, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons) on guitar, Bruce Haymes (Archie Roach) piano, Chris Tabone (Junes and Bad Loves) drums and Ian McDonald (Stars) bass plus singer song writer Craig Horne on vocals.

The Hornets have been described as the best blues band in Melbourne.

“It’s a pretty good marketing tool,” Horne laughs.

“Are we strictly a blues band? I think we’re more of a roots band, but blues is the foundation of it all.

“We’re one of the longest surviving blues bands in Melbourne.”

Horne said you don’t necessarily have to love the blues to enjoy the Hornets.

“Journalists in the past have said that the good thing about the Hornets is that it isn’t the same old blues,” he says.

“We have our own slant on it. We have a little bit of country in there and a bit of folk.

“I think we’re a blues band in feel only.”

Tickets at geelongtickets.com.au/event/the-hornets-live-at-the-piping-hot-chicken-shop-10158.