High school blues comes to the Shed

Jude Perl heads to the Potato Shed on Friday the 13th. (supplied)

We all have our battle scars from high school.

Jude Perl, the multi-award-winning singer, songwriter and comedian heads to the Potato Shed 8pm Friday 13 May for a historically accurate (*citation needed) show, which begs the age-old question – why does school suck so much?

Is it the compulsory sporting events? One size fits all grading methods? Maintaining your precarious position in a volatile social food chain? Or is it just the arbitrary bullying?

Celebrating the release of her sizzling hot new album, and delivered with her signature high-energy, high-awkward, musical storytelling, Jude explores confrontation through the ages (her ages).

As it turns out, confrontation isn’t so hard if you just close your eyes, and imagine you are in a calmer, distant place… then all you have to do is move to that place, change your name and hair colour, and that way the person you are confronting has no way of ever finding you.

Tickets available at geelongaustralia.com.au/potatoshed